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head experimentooor at aave, investor at cowfund

Experiments at Aave

  • re:meme: meme remixer that allows for the creation and remix of canonical memes
  • config.fyi: simple frontend that displays any defi protocol parameters
  • avara protocol (repo only): propose, vote and store social contracts on-chain
  • rebased rabbits (repo only): nfts that rebase like ohm
  • nft trading cards (repo only): programmatically create trading cards from nfts you own
  • non-fungible time: sell your time as nfts; have on-chain attestion of your work

My Personal Experiments

DAOs I Contribute To

  • gitcoin: funding public goods in web3
  • pleasr: nft collection and culture
  • scribedao: summarizing web3; creator

Past Projects

Angel Investments